History of Art A-Level

A level History of Art: New Specification (2017) from Pearson

We welcomed the announcement from Pearson at the end of last year that its exam board is to run a new A Level in history of art. The decision follows the AQA awarding body's decision to drop the A Level last October.

Details about the new History of Art A-level specification (for teaching from Sept 2017) are now available online from Pearson. Please direct any queries regarding the new spec to Pearson.

Press and Support

We've had huge support from a wide range of partners across Higher Education, schools and the cultural sector to help secure a future for the A Level, so thank you to everyone who was involved.

Here is our offical AAH statement following the news to secure the A Level for art history in the UK. 

Bolton & Quinn press release (1 Dec 2016)

The Guardian Education article (1 Dec 2016)

BBC Education (1 Dec 2016)

The Telegraph (1 Dec 2016)

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You will see from our Campaign overview below that our long-term goals are to grow and widen awareness and recognition of the value of art history, within and beyond education.

Our previous announcements regarding  A level art history: