2016 Conference

AAH2016 Annual Conference and Art Book Fair
7 – 9 April 2016
University of Edinburgh

AAH2016 highlighted the diversity, scope and importance of art-historical research and its application today.

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What did delegates particularly enjoy about AAH2016...

“Atmosphere of curiosity to learn about each other's research”

“The diversity of research and, therefore, the possibility to network with a diverse body of researchers, editors, etc”

“the friendly networking, which makes this conference more like a reunion; the length of papers and duration of sessions, which allows for research to be presented in depth; and the strict adherence to the timetable so that overruns were few and far between”

“The opportunity to listen to art historians from around the world”

“I greatly enjoyed the wide variety of academic panels, and the venue. The fact that the local museums were very involved was also good”

“Quality of panel contributions”

AAH2016 Programme & Sessions

AAH2016 session and paper listings, with abstracts, are archived online (we only include abstracts for sessions and papers, we can't include transcripts of papers for interlectual property reasons).