Visits & Activities

43rd Annual Conference and Art Book Fair
Loughborough University
6th – 8th April 2017

Conference Visits and Activities

Visits and activities are open to all paid-up delegates and pre-booking is essential. Pre-book your visits before 22 March

Thursday 6th April

Option 1: Photography workshop
lunchtime 13.00 - 14.30

The interdisciplinary team at 'The Studio of Light’, Loughborough University, explore hybrid photographic practices that employ chemical processes invented in the 19th Century alongside the latest digital technologies for the benefit of contemporary fine art practice and offer a service to museum conservators. The laboratory is currently undertaking a sponsored project entitled ‘Noble Metals and their Future Contribution to Photography’. The workshop will present progress to date including access to the laboratory and studios and will include demonstrations of large format photography, wet plate collodion, and platinum and palladium printing.

Start time: 13.00
Finish time: 14.30
Cost: Free

Friday 7th April

Visits are open to all paid-up delegates and pre-booking is essential

Option 1: Guided Forage walk around the Campus 
lunchtime 12.15 - 13.45

An introduction to the Fruit Routes project followed by a Field Sensing session in the Barefoot Orchard. A moment to connect to the landscape in a non-intellectual way, field sensing focuses on the simplicity/complexity of walking slowly with awareness in order to sense inner and outer landscapes more acutely.

Overview of the Fruit Route:
Fruit Routes is a long term artist-led project to develop the university grounds as an edible landscape anchored around fruit tree planting, increasing the foraging opportunities on campus and sharing knowledge with the university and wider community through creative & interdisciplinary events, walks & activities. Fruit Routes aims to create a legacy of several hundred fruit trees on site which will bear fruit for years to come for people to harvest, share and enjoy. It is led by Anne-Marie Culhane, eco-social artist working with the Sustainability Team, the Grounds Team & School of the Arts at Loughborough University. Winner of Guardian University Sustainable Project Award 2014

Start time: 12.15
Finish time: 13.45
Cost: Free

Saturday 8th April
Visits are open to all paid-up delegates and pre-booking is essential.

Medieval Church in Leicestershire
book your place - before 22 March
lunchtime 12.00 - 13.50

The Church of All Saints & Holy Trinity Church in Loughborough is a fantastic example of 14th and 15th century architecture in Leicestershire. This visit is organised in conjunction with the session 'Ritual and Sensory Experience in Medieval Sculpture' and will give delegates an opportunity to engage with aspects of medieval art history beyond the visual. This visit is open to all delegates, not just those attending this particular session. 

Start time of the visit: 12.00
Finish time of the visit: 13.50
Cost: £15 (includes travel and donation to church)