2018 Annual Conference

2018 Annual Conference
Courtauld Institute of Art & King's College London
5 – 7 April 2018

Call for Sessions

The 2018 Annual Conference for art history will be co-hosted by the Courtauld Institute of Art and King’s College London.

The close collaboration between the two institutions – involving numerous other museums and cultural partners in London – will set the tone for a conference oriented around ‘looking outwards’.

On one hand, we would encourage art historians and researchers to think about their disciplinary relationships with other affiliated subjects in the arts and humanities (as indeed beyond). On the other, we invite new perspectives on international collaborations within the field (particularly important in the wake of recent political events...).

We aim to incorporate an ambitious range of perspectives – from university academics and doctoral researchers, to educators, curators, heritage partners, and not least artists themselves. We hope to deliver an event with the widest possible remit and reach.

Session Format

The 2018 Annual Conference aims to host around 30 academic sessions, over 3 days (approx. 10 sessions each day). Each one-day session will generally consist of between 4 – 8 papers (minimum 4, maximum 8); papers are usually 25-minutes, presented in 35-minute slots to allow for questions and movement between sessions. We can accommodate alternative session formats – such as world-cafe, round-table or open discussions – provided that they fit within the standard time-tabling structure. We envisage that the majority of session proposals will follow the standard frame, but if you would like to propose an alternative format, please indicate the type of format your session would follow and explain how this would be organized.

We encourage sessions proposals that respond to the idea of ‘looking outwards' by engaging with art history in the broadest sense, and incorporating a diverse range of papers and perspectives. We particularly encourage session proposals made by two convenors who offer different perspectives on the field addressed (e.g. co-convenors from different disciplines, institutional frameworks and/or countries).

Submitting Session Proposals

Session proposals should include a title and abstract (no longer than 250 words), and the name(s) and contact details of the session convenor(s). If your session proposes an alternative format, please include details of this in the proposal. If relevant for the proposed session, please also explain how the proposal relates to the broader theme of ‘look out!’.

We ask that proposals clearly reflect what the session aims to explore: this helps not only with the subsequent call for papers, but also with publicising the final session programme.

Deadline for session proposals: 1 May 2017

Please submit proposals only via email to:

For general enquiries about submission please email: 

Bob Dylan in a still from 1967 documentary film 'Don't Look Back'. Courtesy of Granamour Weems Collection. Alamy Stock Photo Bob Dylan in a still from 1967 documentary film 'Don't Look Back'. Courtesy of Granamour Weems Collection. Alamy Stock Photo