Academic Session 29: RCA 2014

40th Anniversary Conference & Bookfair
Royal College of Art, London
10 - 12 April 2014

Screen Time / Screen Space – Cinema and/as Gallery Art

Session Convenors:

Barnaby Dicker, Royal College of Art, University for the Creative Arts and University of South Wales
Andrew Vallance, Royal College of Art
Gareth Polmeer, Royal College of Art,

History is to be found ‘in the making’ of film and video, through its technical processes, practices, and exhibition; the immanence of time to the moving image conveys – perhaps more than any other media – social and technological ideas sedimented in art history.

Single-screen, multi-screen and ‘expanded’ film and video works have been steadily gaining importance, becoming central to much contemporary art practice. However, the histories of artists’ film and video are uneasily caught between the disciplinary boundaries of art history and media history, where they are either too swiftly and reductively assimilated, or overlooked. The present prominence of this expanding field suggests that an examination of its contemporary and historical practices is both timely and necessary.

How are artist/filmmakers working within and against modes of technological production to expand and explore the moving image in its relations to the cinema and the gallery? Does the presence of film and video in the 'white cube' indicate a critical engagement with the dominant cinematic codes, or does it reconstitute a conventional cinema space within the gallery? What role can history play in helping gallery practices to reconcile issues of installation and spectatorship to move beyond the 'black box'?

Julian Ross (University of Leeds) From Performance to Installation: Yamanaka Nobuo's River Series (1971-2)

Trista E. Mallory (University of Western Ontario) Grounds and Landscapes: The Anabasis of a Film

Grahame Weinbren (School of Visual Arts, New York) Using the Black Box to Illuminate the White Cube — and Vice Versa

Elizabeth Frey (Independent Scholar) Private Time, Public Time

Ian Wiblin (University of South Wales/Royal College of Art) Transparencies of Stasis and Movement – Architectures of film and video poised between auditorium and gallery

Cathy Rogers (Royal College of Art) Cinema without Film: Reconfiguring historical and theoretical genealogies


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