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New Voices are annual, one-day conferences of new doctoral scholarship that take place at different universities throughout the UK.

New Voices 2016: Art Outside of the Gallery
Plymouth University
25 November 2016

Keynote Speaker:

Jody Patterson, Plymouth University

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About this event

Where do we see art? What impact do exhibition spaces have on how an artwork is received? Who is art created for? Who owns public art? New Voices 2016 encourages delegates to consider art outside of conventional exhibition spaces and to engage in a discussion over the function of art in the public, digital, domestic, religious, and secular spheres.

The location for New Voices this year, Plymouth, has had its own recent controversies when it comes to art in public spaces. In November 2014, Robert Lenkiewicz’s 20ft mural ‘The Last Judgement’ was removed for conservation purposes from the front of a quayside shop in Plymouth’s Barbican Quarter. Upon removing the work, conservationists discovered a second mural that had been covered up by ‘The Last Judgement’ for more than forty years. This was a giant sketch of a copulating couple. The discovery provoked praise and outrage from the public before culminating in the shop’s owner drilling holes into the mural in April 2015 to secure a wooden board across the figures’ genitalia.

While of local interest, the recent events relating to Lenkiewicz’s mural raise wider questions about the function, display, security, ownership, history, and future of ‘Art Outside the Gallery’, which will be the topic for this conference. The worldwide socio-political impact of art exhibited outside the conventional gallery space has encouraged artists and curators to create new and innovative methods of engagement that provide alternative models to that of the traditional gallery setting. New Voices 2016 aims to address the growing significance of ‘Art Outside the Gallery’ within this discourse.



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Mr. Jago and Lucy McLauchlan, Mc. Jago, 2011, Image Courtesy of Erokism. Mr. Jago and Lucy McLauchlan, Mc. Jago, 2011, Image Courtesy of Erokism.