Summer Symposium

The Summer Symposium is a two-day annual conference highlighting post-graduate and doctoral research.It takes place at a different university each year in early Summer.

Summer Symposium 2017
Re/Presenting the Body: Between Art and Science 
University of Glasgow
6-7 July 2017
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About this event

This event is for those engaged with post-graduate and doctoral research around art history and visual culture.

From anatomical interest to abstract manifestations, the body persists in being a source of physical and conceptual interest. The representation of the body has attracted a renewed interest in recent decades in correspondence with the latest scientific and technological developments in areas such as computer science, genetic engineering and digital image processing. Historically and politically fraught, the body has often become an intersectional point for science, art, philosophy and a wide range of artistic and scientific practices inform the way we imagine and visualise the body, and subsequently have represented it in art.
How have varying cultural, religious and political theories, material practices and technological developments changed the way in which we imagine and represent the body? What are the continuities and discontinuities between contemporary art practices, discourses and technologies and the visual cultures of the body of the pre-modern and modern period?


Registration will take place at 9.30 on Thursday 6 July. Each day will run from 9.30 - 18.30. A full programme will be online shortly.

Keynote Speakers:

List of Papers:

Gabriella Beckhurst (Independent Scholar) ‘Against deterioration: self-representing queer senescence in works by Barbara Hammer and Catherine Lord’

Carly Boxer (University of Chicago) ‘Bodily Parts: Medical Diagrams and Mechanical Bodies in Al-Jazari’s Book of Knowledge of Ingenious Mechanical Devices’

Jacquie Chlanda (University of Queensland) ‘The In Utero Encounter: Janine Antoni’s Maternal’

Fiona Davies (Sydney College of Arts, University of Sydney) ‘A Medical Monitor’s Song’

Bec Dean (University of New South Wales) ‘The Patient: Biomedical Art and Curatorial Care’

Isabel Fontbona Mola (University of Girona) ‘Showing a Female Bodybuilding Body. A subversive act or a new stereotype?

Ilaria Grando (University of York) ‘Chronicles from the AIDS crisis: Sick bodies, medical gaze, and phototherapy’

Hannah Halliwell (University of Birmingham) ‘The Body of the Fin-de-Siècle Morphine Addict

Thomas Moser (Ludwig-Maximilian University of Munich) ‘Mutual Sensuality: Considerations on the body in art and science during the Fin de Siècle’

Lauren Rozenberg (University College London) ‘“I am a brain, Watson. The rest of me is mere appendix”: Guido da Vigevano’s fourteenth-century neuroanatomical plates and the fragmentation of the body’

Tarquin Sinan (Université Libre de Bruxelles) ‘Perceptions of the Human Figure: analysis of the body as a visual stimulus in art through the work of Anthony Gormley’

Verena Suchy (Justus-Liebig University, Giessen) ‘Grotesque Bodies: The Representation of Disability and Deformation in Early Modern Pearl-Figurines’

Tickets and Booking

Standard ticket: £28

Member ticket £19

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We purposefully keep the ticket price low as we know that many people will be paying for accommodation and travel too. The ticket price covers two days and usually includes 2 keynote lectures, 14 research papers, and refreshments on both days. The symposium is open to all. Lunch and accommodation will not be included.


Attendees will have to arrange and book their own accommodation. Here are some links for local places to stay.




The Summer Symposium is generously supported by the School of Culture and Creative Arts and The Leverhulme Trust Collections research group at The University of Glasgow.

This event is organised by Alicia Hughes, Isobel MacDonald, Rosalinda Quintieri and Naomi Stewart. Email us any enquiries 

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Wellcome Library, LondonnModel eye, glass lens with brass-backed paper front with hand-painted face around eye, by W. and S. Jones, London, 1840-1900, L0035463. (Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0) Wellcome Library, LondonnModel eye, glass lens with brass-backed paper front with hand-painted face around eye, by W. and S. Jones, London, 1840-1900, L0035463. (Creative Commons Attribution only licence CC BY 4.0)