The AAH offers a range of bursaries, grants, awards and prizes throughout the year.

The AAH has a long history of giving away part of our income in the form of grants that support art history or visual culture.

The two main themes for AAH grants giving are:

1) Encouraging and promoting good art history practice through awards and prizes.

2) Giving financial assistance for research pursuits to those who cannot easily afford it.

Grant Giving for 2017

We are reviewing our current grants programme with the aim of re-launching it in the latter part of the year.

We will continue to award the Dissertation Prizes as usual

 Grants and Prizes for 2016

AAH Grants and Prizes awarded in 2015

Dissertation Prize

Conference Grants

Image Grants

Initiative Fund (small grants fund)

Internship Award

Collaborative Museum Grant (for collaborative research projects with universities)

Individual Museum Grant (for collaborative research projects with individuals)


Internship Award Internship Award