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For teaching, learning and widening participation in art history

2016 AAH Grants Update

Our existing grants and prizes programme is currently undergoing review. We will announce information about our new AAH awards, grants and prizes for 2017 onwards very soon. Please check our AAH Funding page for further updates.

This fund provides financial support for projects and events that promote, broaden and develop art history education and widen participation in the subject. Grants of up to £500 are available for individual or institutional members of the AAH who are seeking financial assistance with activities and events that fulfil this remit. These could take the form of, but are not restricted to, conferences, workshops, discussion forums and online publications. Funding can be sought for specific aspects of the activity or event such as catering, room hire, keynote fees, travel and subsistence costs or editorial expenses. Teaching relief will not be covered.

Who is the grant for?

Only current members of the AAH are eligible to apply. This includes both individual members and institutional members.

Members of the AAH Trustee Board and its sub-committees are not eligible to apply.

Funding will only be offered to art history-related projects.

Please note, the AAH will usually only offer financial assistance if additional funding is in place or has been sought from elsewhere for the project.

How does it work?

Funding will be offered to successful applicants to reimburse costs incurred and it will be paid in sterling by cheque or bank transfer. Recipients will be required to submit receipts or proof of expenditure within 8 weeks of the event or activity being completed. The grant must be claimed within two years.

Successful applicants will be required to write a short report (no more than 500 words) about the project and submit this to the AAH no later than 8 weeks after the project has been completed. If possible, photographs should be attached. The report may be published on the AAH website or in the Bulletin.

The decision of the AAH is final. By submitting the application you agree to the conditions of this grant. The AAH reserves the right to periodically revise the conditions of this grant and to publish the names of grant recipients.

How to apply

We are no longer accepting applications for this grant.

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