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Call for papers - Modernist Life

Posted on Friday, 27th January 2017

The 2017 International Conference of the British Association for Modernist Studies.

University of Birmingham, UK, 29th June-1st July 2017.

Modernist Life is an international, interdisciplinary conference that aims to explore the range, depth and prolongation of modernisms from the nineteenth century into the present moment and the future. It takes as its starting point the fundamental tension between art and life, central to modernism, but also the lifespan of modernism itself – beginnings, endings, or alternatively modernism’s longue durée.

The conference invites discussion of the ways in which modernisms negotiate the concept of life, afterlife and still life, or death; it is interested in the cultivation of life (the ecological) and the extension or replacement of life (the technological); and it seeks to debate the ways in which modernism’s lives are preserved or reconstructed, through biography, editing, citation, education, cultural institutions and the new technologies of the archive.

Topics might include, but are not restricted to:

Keynote speakers:
Claire Colebrook (Penn State University)
Janet Wolff (University of Manchester)

The conference is open to anyone, in any discipline, working on modernism. Prices for the conference, and details of how to pay, will appear shortly.

For further details:

Contact details for further information: Jeff Wallace, Chair of BAMS:

CFP and panel etc proposals deadline: 28th February 2017