Members Groups

Members’ Groups are groups within the AAH that support networking and activities around the interests of members.

The Association strives to support all those with a professional interest in art history and visual culture. To this end we support groups of special interests among our members. Such groups are actively involved in shaping and delivering the AAH programme. If you would like to be involved in any aspect of our activities, getting involved in an interest group is often a useful first step.

The student group (now known as the Student Members Committee or SMC) is made up of 15 student members who meet regularly to organise and oversee events, activities and publications that will appeal to students and AAH members more broadly. The group offers support and communication networks for undergraduate and postgraduate students, particularly those involved in doctoral research.

Freelance & Independent members
There are a growing number of freelance art historians who operate independently of a university or institution. Many earn all or some of their income from freelance activities such as lecturing in colleges, schools or adult education classes, from curating, writing, editing, or translating art-related materials. 

The Schools Group is run by and for teachers of art and design history in schools and further education colleges in the UK. The schools group organises a variety of activities including supporting the annual ‘Ways of Seeing’ conference for teachers and students at The National Gallery. The group helps teachers communicate with each other and share information and resources.

Museums & Exhibitions
The Museums and Exhibitions group explores the interests of members working in museums or galleries in the UK. The group offers an email communication and news network for members, as well as academic and professional practice sessions at the annual AAH conference. 

If you have any questions regarding any of the above members’ groups please forward your question to