Special Offers

We offer members valuable discounts through a range of partner organisations.

Routledge is delighted to offer members of the AAH a 50% discount on a personal subscription to:

Visual Resources - A quarterly academic journal devoted to the study of images and their uses. Visual Resources explores how the interpretation and reproduction of images conditions and enhances the methodology and historiography of academic disciplines such as archaeology, history and, particularly, art and architectural history.

Word & Image - A Journal of Verbal/Visual Enquiry, Word & Image concerns itself with the study of the encounters, dialogues, and mutual collaboration (or hostility) between verbal and visual languages. It provides a forum for articles that focus exclusively on the special study of the relations between words and images from all historical periods and perspectives, both theoretical and practical.

To take advantage of this rate, please call +44(0)20 7017 5543 or email

Oxford University Press offers a 20% discount to individual members of the AAH on the normal individual subscription price of:

The Oxford Art Journal - The Oxford Art Journal is committed to the political analysis of visual art and material representation from a variety of theoretical perspectives, and has carried work addressing themes from Antiquity to contemporary art practice.

The Journal of the History of Collections - The range of The Journal of the History of Collections embraces the contents of collections, the processes which initiated their formation, and the circumstances of the collectors themselves. As well as publishing original papers, the Journal includes listings of forthcoming events, conferences, and reviews of relevant publications and exhibitions.

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