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Publication - Special Issue on “Documentation as Art Practice in the 1960s”

Posted on Thursday, 9th February 2017

The Special Issue of Visual Resources, “Documentation as Art Practice in the 1960s,” co-edited by Christian Berger and Jessica Santone, originated as a session, Documenting in the 1960s, co-chaired by Gyewon Kim and Jessica Santone, at the 2015 AAH Annual Conference in Norwich.

Briefly, this Special Issue addresses the practice of documentation in the art of the 1960s through a range of practices in experimental photography, conceptualism, and performance art, by artists situated in different local or transnational contexts, and with attention to the political, material, intermedial, and affective dimensions of documentation, including both the creation of documents and the techniques of their management. Building on established research on twentieth-century documentary strategies and key 1960s documents, as well as recent scholarship in media studies and performance studies, the issue fosters a richer understanding of the personal, political, and social uses of documentation in the period.

The Special Issue includes essays by Martha Barratt, Christian Berger, Gyewon Kim, Samantha Ismail-Epps, and Jessica Santone, along with reviews by Melissa Gill, Erin Silver, and Jelena Stojkovic.

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