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Call for papers - Radicalism and the University

Posted on Thursday, 9th March 2017

The School of Philosophy and Art History (SPAH) at the University of Essex would like to invite you to participate in an interdisciplinary conference on the timely subject of radicalism and what role, if any, the institution of the University has to play in it.

Topics of Interest include, but are not limited to:

- The marketization / commodification of radicalism by the University.
- The antagonism (or lack thereof) between the University and government policy.
- The difference or similarity between radical left and right wing political movements.
- Contemporary practices in philosophy, politics, aesthetics, etc. that can be called radical
- If radicalism is a realistic project/promise for academia to pursue.
- What effect, if any, these questions pose to the University as a political space.
- Does Art have radical potential as institutional criticism?
-What does radical art practice look like?

Venue: The Hex, Colchester Campus, University of Essex

Guide for Authors:
The deadline to submit an abstract is April 14th, 2017. To submit an abstract please send it to Colin Rideout, Conference Co-Chair, at



Authors are invited to submit an abstract no longer than 250 words.

For further information contact: