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Summer Symposium 2017

Posted 28 April 2017 in AAH News and Events

Re/Presenting the Body: Between Art and Science 

University of Glasgow
6-7 July 2017


This event is for those engaged with post-graduate and and doctoral research around art history and visual culture.

Historically and politically fraught, the body has often become an intersectional point for science, art, philosophy and a wide range of artistic and scientific practices inform the way we imagine and visualise the body, and subsequently have represented it in art. 

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Call for papers - Drawing Conversations 2: Body, Space, Place

Posted 27 April 2017 in External News and Events

Papers are invited for this one-day symposium (taking place at the Institute for Creative Enterprise, Coventry), intended to consider interrelationships of drawing, body, space and place. At the heart of this will be the body acting as the conduit between interior and exterior, private and public. Twenty-minute papers are invited from practitioners, historians and theoreticians. They can include projects undertaken, or be about particular works or ideas by others.


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Symposium - Breath, Flight and Atmosphere: The Theme of Air in British Culture

Posted 26 April 2017 in External News and Events

Delivered in partnership with Oxford Brookes University, the RWA presents an interdisciplinary one-day symposium coinciding with their major exhibition Air: Visualising the Invisible in British Art 1768-2017, 16 June – 3 September 2017.

The symposium seeks to create dialogue between practising artists, curators, writers, academics and students from multiple disciplines.

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Call for papers - Singular Acts: The Role of the Individual in the Transformation of Collective Culture

Posted 5 April 2017 in External News and Events

The Warburg Institute will host its second Postgraduate Symposium on 16 November 2017. This year’s Symposium focuses on particular personalities who acted for or against historical and cultural change. The Symposium will bring together speakers from different backgrounds in the humanities and draw on a variety of disciplinary tools and methodologies.

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Conference - Modern Living in Asia 1945-1990

Posted 29 March 2017 in External News and Events

This conference will develop the study of modern living in Asia between 1945-1990 from transnational perspectives. It will explore cultural flows beyond borders (national, regional and political) that informed notions of modern living, architecture, interior design and public spaces. The keynote speakers are Prof Gyan Prakash and Prof Duanfang Lu.

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Call for papers - Art of Power: The 3rd Earl of Bute, Politics and Collecting in Enlightenment Britain

Posted 17 March 2017 in External News and Events

 A 3 day symposium jointly hosted by The Hunterian and Mount Stuart. Inspired by themes explored in the new exhibition, Art of Power: Masterpieces from the Bute Collection, this event seeks to bring together scholars from different backgrounds to discuss the interplay between art, politics, and collecting in Enlightenment Britain.

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Lecture - Rumble Fund Lecture in Classical Art 2017

Posted 19 January 2017 in External News and Events

This lecture, in collaboration with the Institute of Classical Studies and the Department of Classics at King’s College London, will explore the ways in which modern artists may help us not merely to understand, but genuinely to see the beauty of classical form. It takes as a test case the art of Frederic Leighton (a nineteenth-century painter so often treated with condescension as the last of the ‘academic classicists’).

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Call for papers - University of Toronto 2017 Wollesen Memorial Graduate Symposium: ‘The Secret Arts and the Art of Secrets: Exploring the conjunction between art and esotericism’

Posted 19 January 2017 in External News and Events

This interdisciplinary graduate symposium strives to provide a forum for graduate students (MA, PhD) to present their work on the ‘esoteric’ in art. Submissions across disciplines and time periods are welcome, including works related (but not limited) to topics such as: symbolism, hermeticism, the ‘hidden and the revealed’ in art.

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Event - Italy revisited – Nino Costa (1826-1903) and the Etruscan School of Art

Posted 12 January 2017 in External News and Events

The Roman landscape painter Nino Costa was one of the most international Italian painters of his time, establishing a circle of English artists who co-founded the Etruscan School of Art. This seminar explores how transnational exchange between artists shaped the distinctive Etruscan-style views of Italy.

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Event - Concealment & Deception: The Art of the Camoufleurs of Leamington Spa, 1939-1945

Posted 12 January 2017 in External News and Events

During WW2 a team of over 230 ‘camoufleurs’, including some of the leading artists of the era was assembled to help protect civil installations by creating camouflage schemes which concealed the target. This seminar helps tell their story, where in their leisure time they produced paintings showing their camouflage work.

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