Art History: Special Issues

A series of books developed from special issues of the journal Art History

This distinctive series, developed from special issues of Art History, publishes new work by leading scholars on a full range of key themes and breaking issues for the discipline. Generously illustrated, and in full colour, each volume is designed to engage critical debate and to reframe the boundaries of art-historical thought. Recently published titles include:

The Clever Object
Edited by Matthew C. Hunter and Francesco Lucchini

The Erotics of Looking: Early Modern Netherlandish Visual Culture

Edited by Angela Vanhaelen and Bronwen Wilson

British Art in the Cultural Field, 1939-69
Edited by Lisa Tickner and David Peters Corbett

Anglo-American: Artistic Exchange between Britain and the USA
Edited by David Peters Corbett and Sarah Monks

Creative Writing and Art History
Edited by Catherine Grant and Patricia Rubin

Theatricality in Early Modern Art and Architecture
Edited by Caroline van Eck and Stijn Bussels

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Forthcoming titles include:

Andrea Mantegna: Making Art (History)
Edited by Stephen J. Campbell and Jérémie Koering

Theorizing Imitation in a Global Context
Edited by Paul Duro

Size Matters: Questions of Scale in Art History
Edited by Joan Kee and Emanuele Lugli

Objects in Motion in the Early Modern World
Edited by Daniela Bleichmar and Meredith Martin